Sacristia AB Manzanilla

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Winemaker Notes

This is a serious Manzanilla bottled at around seven or eight years under flor. In all releases since 2010, it's interesting to note the evolution of the wines in bottle as they take aromas of curry, sweet spices, cumin, quince, apricots and caramel (similar to what you may find in a low alcohol Amontillado).

Wine Information

When Antonio Barbadillo left the family winery in 2008 to pursue his vision of making a classic style of complex, aged Manzanilla, everyone thought he was loco. But Antonio, along with his wife and four sons, knew that unfiltered, aged wines were the noble investment of Sanlúcar and he wanted to push the limits of what people envisioned of this mysterious, fragile and beloved biologically aged wine. Previously, Manzanilla Sacristía AB was sourced from 32 butts within an 80-butt solera at Bodegas Sanchez Ayala (where the Manzanillas of Equipo Navazos’ La Bota got their fame), the largest independent bottler of sherry. Sacristía is bottled in miniscule sacas, usually two a year and always completely en rama to ensure a maximum and pure expression of flor development and aromatics. As of the Primera Saca of 2014, this base wine has been sourced from sleeping Manzanilla treasures that lie beneath a thick layer of flor in Bodegas Yusta, a dusty old cellar in the backroads of Sanlúcar. In search of the perfect balance for the Sacristia style he has in mind, Antonio tastes wines from a variety of top producers from the most important Pagos and multiple criaderas before selecting his favorites for each bottling.

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