Carta da Fitapreta

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Winemaker Notes

Rivulets of violet compliment a deep ruby core. Floral and fruit aromatics of violets and black raspberries on the nose, with lilting notes of toast and spice. On the palate, lush and ripe, with abundant fresh black currant berries and brambleberry. The mid palate shows the minerality and a touch of smoke, with considerable length.

Wine Information

Since 2004, Fitapreta has reflected the inspired partnership between a young, dynamic Portuguese winemaker (native Alentejano, Antonio Macanita) and venerated British-born viticulturist, David Booth. Dedicated to a new examination of terroir in Alentejo, Fitapreta operates on the Portuguese idea of “palpite”--intuition—when it comes to viticulture and winemaking. With this trust of the land and the natural growth processes in the vineyard, they make wines that are imbued with a singular sense of place. Winery practices allow the estate to tell its own story: they operate on a strictly gravity-fed basis in the winery to avoid any harsh treatment of the must and ferment all wines with indigenous yeasts only. Antonio Macanita has an intimate knowledge of the microclimates of the estate, and small parcels of each vineyard are fermented separately to preserve distinct qualities, then blended to achieve a layered, complete picture of the terroir. Fitapreta elevates the conversation around Alentejo and produces wines that reflect the skill and passion of its founders.

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