Nordés Atlantic Gin

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In Spain, gin is a lifestyle – indeed, Spaniards drink more gin per capita than any other country in the world. Gintonics are an art form in Spain, designed to accentuate the aromatics in the gin, and served in large balloon glasses with garnishes that echo the primary botanicals. The most popular premium gin in Spain, representing one bottle out of every three consumed, is Nordés Atlantic Gin. Nordés is unmistakeably Galician – with a base that includes Albariño, and the presence of 6 native Galician botanicals which give it a fresh, aromatic and unmistakably maritime profile. With its smooth, bright character and hint of salinity, Nordés is a gin that can pair well with food, rather than clashing with or overpowering dishes. While it makes a sublime gintonic, Nordés is a versatile ingredient in a broad variety of cocktails, giving balance and fresh appeal to all manner of tipples!

Nordés is a gin containing 11 botanicals, all macerated and distilled separately. 6 of these botanicals are native to Galicia, including Salicornia, a type of sea vegetable that gives the spirit its salinity and maritime character. Albariño is a large component of the base distillate, giving Nordés a fresh, smooth, aromatic profile. Nordés was developed by a master mixologist and a chef, making it great for pairing with food by design.

Concours International de Lyon - 2024 Gold Medal. Beverage Test Institute - 2023 Gold Medal (Exceptional). Barleycorn Awards - 2023 Silver Medal. Wine Enthusiast - 92 points . The only Spanish gin to be included in Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 of 2020


Nordés can pair well with many foods, but some favorite pairings are: tapas, ceviches and sushi, Spanish conservas, and even fresh pineapple.

Nordés contains 11 different botanicals, each macerated separately before distillation, as each requires a different maceration time to achieve its optimum flavor – some a few hours, and others up to one month. 6 of the botanicals are native to the wild Galician forests: bay leaf, lemon verbena, Salicornia (sea bean), mint, eucalyptus, and sage, giving Nordés its fresh Galician character and salinity. The other 5 are cardamom, hibiscus flower, ginger, black tea and juniper, lending depth and spice to the profile. The base of the gin is a combination of grain neutral spirit and Albariño wine, distilled in a copper pot still.

A fresh, fruity nose, with citrusy notes from the lemon verbena and Albariño base, green herbal tones, as well as white fruit aromas and a whiff of sea salt. On the palate, fruit-forward and spicy, featuring white peach and the subtle undertone of juniper, with beautiful balance and a smooth profile.


700ml 22851300030 / 1L 22851300023

1.1 lbs (.5 kg)

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